Water Treatment

In our product range you can find raw materials used in water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, energetics, water supply systems as well as production of specialty chemicals for conditioning water.

Water treatment and environment protection:

1. Substances for disinfection:

  • sodium hypochlorite,
  • calcium hypochlorite.

2. Deposit regenerators:

  • potassium permanganate,
  • manganese ore.

3. Water softening:

  • sodium chloride – tablets.

4. Antiscalants, sediment dissolving agents  

  • phosphonates (HEDP, PBTCA, PAA, ATMP, PMA),
  • trisodium phosphate 12H2O,
  • sulfamid acid,
  • citric acid,
  • hydrochloric acid,
  • sodium sulphite anhydrous.

 5. Corrosion inhibitors

  • hydrazine hydrate.

6. Materials for SNCR systems

  • adipic acid,
  • urea.


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